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    Blue gems close collection undoubtedly laid defund in American jewelry designing the important position. Early Blue show a lot ugg classic mini of diamond close, including tiffany jewelry some again enchase exquisite in defund the base of French and Spanish royal jewels. This symbolized rare gems in the United States, these beautiful first appeared in the late 19th century jewelry world’s fair in the award-winning. After the Blue close succession shows in the 1920s platinum era cheap jimmy choo handbags of diamond, the 1940s and 1950s cocktail party style jewelry and thereafter each era full of beautiful things air max 90 in eyes rare treasures. Blue close shows in modern charm and fashionable, elegist’s latest film when push Majestic diamond necklace, platinum tiffany necklaces necklace matches 30.31 carat, clarity as IF (internal without impurities) level of diamond pendants, colorful to deduce ugg classic cardy acme costly temperament.
    1845, defund first launched Blue close product catalogue, show the most bright is dazing, beautiful ornate showily jewelry. Since then, every year defund the company will be mailed to customer Blue close. Time passed, manual content coach sale by simple design has evolved into elegant photo, cover from the navy became defund Blue. Blue This unique jewelry earrings robin blue foil out shopping bag gift boxes and elegant style, becomes defund ugg boots sale in all its design in pursuit of excellence quality and noble taste of perfect symbol Company founder of Charles Luis defund is concerned, as their customers to create Blue close between private means of communication, is of convenience to consider: if a customer to defund already jewels favor, so close the best way is to customers with high-quality goods mailed coach bags purses to them a picture of product manual which jingo and unique tiffany bracelet jewelry decides can attract their eyes In today’s such a high-speed network information transfer and « order » in the era of Blue close air max is still collectors, connoisseurs, fashion tiffany bangles fan and grade personage eagerly looking forward ugg boots to the required manual.
    They from prestigious defund the blue box coach bags of luxuriant appearance; make the whole world for delicacy. Located in Shanghai Hong Kong square defund new stores in-store display present perfectly echo the defund the Blue Box and Blue Box defund the birthplace of New York chanel bags city scenery Special son wearing defund 2010-2011 the Blue close showily jewelry series yellow diamonds necklace. 20.34 carat colorful color yellow diamonds pendant collocation 37 star Tiffany Legacy diamond and 674 single round drill, achievements defund another fall in love making classic short boots New opening air max tailwind of defund stores located in Shanghai Huainan road is the essence of the location – Hong Kong tiffany bracelet square. Stores consist of two layers, with a total area of pp423-430 square meters. Stores appearance design details on adhering tiffany earrings to famous New York flagship store’s architectural style
    Also is designed, the starfish Blue close another kind ugg bailey button of work also exquisite – by red, orange, pink, yellow four layers enamel diamonds and become, 29generations fashion jewelry and nature’s most beautiful sea astrological comparable. If the nature is the best designers, so classic argyle knit in order to create more outstanding works, the urgent task is to protect the natural environment, care. In the society and environmentally responsible tenet, defund is not only to strictly observe the relevant standards, but also classic argyle knit on metals, precious tiffany necklace stones and other kinds of material itself for examination. Defund never purchase blood diamond and Burma ruby, gold and silver precious metals mostly bought from a US designated mining, quality standard oppressive. Defund already in 2002 to halt sales coral jewelry, to save the world of endangered ugg ultra tall coral reefs group dedicate strength.
    Since founded in 1837 inception, defund is produced in the world with the finest diamond tiffany celebrated. These incomparable exquisite air max 2010 in color, clarity and diamond cut craft on all follow the highest standard and embedded in the delicate base sends out time excessive color, deducing the modern costly  Models wearing defund 2010-2011 Blue close showily jewelry series tiffany rings of most dazzling representative Tiffany wholesale works-Majestic necklace, its diamond pendant weighed 30.31 carat, are very rare.2010 July 29, Hollywood actress Jessica, bell wear defund attended « dragon’s Victoria series classic ugg boots of tapping team in Berlin’s first showing ritual. Charming form, all show bright brilliance. To display defund as brand of top class wholesale ugg boots gem outstanding tradition and the diamond design field authoritative position, brand-new 2010-2011 annual Blue close showily silver jewelry series in 2010 after October in China shining appearance. This series ugg boots of handicraft of design emersion the miracle of nature and more jewelry circles of art treasures.

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